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We need your help to provide critical, life-saving training and pre-hospital supplies to first responders amidst the current unrest in Israel. With your help, we can save the lives of people who continue to be cruelly impacted by this war.


My Medic Charities is supporting Emergency Medical Teams and Search and Rescue partners with pre-hospital medical care, supplies, and technical support on the ground. Our teams have been providing support to Peace Wind’s ARROWS Emergency Medical Team, the Israeli Urban Search and Rescue Team, and local first responders as the rescue phase continues. We are working with these teams near the epicenter in Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye where several rescues have been made and medical treatment of those injured is ongoing. We are also providing medical care and supplies in Nurdağı, Türkiye. As we continue our work, we grieve alongside those who have lost loved ones and continue to focus our efforts on supporting the survivors and first responders.


Collaborating with local first responders, My Medic customized individual first aid kits focused on pre-hospital trauma life support equipment. Our kits were delivered directly to the first responder organizations impacted by current events in the region. Not only did we distribute these kits to resource depleted areas, but our experts also trained hundreds of first responders in the use of the donated life saving kits.

Latin america

At the request of local government leadership, our experts focused on teaching basic trauma patient assessment, patient packaging, and transporting a patient to definitive care. Training was focused on pre-hospital care providers and emergency room physicians. Our teams delivered training in life saving skills including establishing a patient’s airway, control of critical bleeding, identification of critical orthopedic injuries, water rescue, and rapid transport via helicopter.


Working with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), our disaster response experts continue to support the Region Search and Rescue Team training. This disaster response capacity building initiative continues to provide the latest international search and rescue methodology. Our disaster response experts have years of deployment experience with some of the top international teams on the globe. Current Caribbean disaster training initiatives focus on wide area assessment, victim extrication, swift water and rope rescue, and confined space patient treatment and transportation.